old time gypsy swing blues!

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 old, grey, belly started as an in-studio project based in northern Michigan with an up-beat style of acoustic rhythm-based string music, greatly influenced by the sounds of pre-war blues and old time medicine show acts and flavored by the gypsy swing sounds of Oscar Aleman. The music is reminiscent of many types of old music and has attracted listeners of all ages and every kind of music from blues, ragtime, and folk, to swing and alternative.

Johnny plays the tenor and 5 string banjos, guitars, mandolin, bass, percussion, ukuleles (and does a little vocal work) in studio and has teamed up with unique local musicians to bring a unique instrumental show to audiences. 

"Issat Russian music?... Issat gypsy music?... Issat Yiddish music?" are a few of the questions most asked by audiences, and after being stumped for so long we have coined the term "Baklava" for this kind of music. It's like the pastry that ranges very broadly in ingredients regionally, but is sweet in taste wherever you have the pleasure of eating it! Written with the idea that music isn't defined by the notes that are played , but by the spaces in between, this music has a definite flavor that is hard to place. 

 We look forward to seeing you at old, grey, belly shows in 2011!